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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

A native of California, Boaz spent his formative years in Israel where he demonstrated extraordinary skill and talent as a skateboarding prodigy. Turning professional at the age of 22, he became one of Israel’s most successful athletes, winning trophies at competitions, appearing on magazine covers, and helping to popularize skateboarding as an action sport while promoting its culture and growing its community.

During his years as a professional skateboarder Boaz began creating visual content to promote the country’s skateboarding industry by filming, editing and producing marketing material for the numerous companies who sponsored him. With his knowledge and appreciation of street culture, and an interest in art and music, Boaz evolved into a talented visual media artist. He has created work for such brands as Huf, Element, RVCA, Vans, Stussy, Red Bull and many others.

Adapting his knowledge to service clients from a variety of industries, he currently specializes in music videos, fashion, promotional content, events, branded ads, and lifestyle content. Boaz has filmed, directed and edited videos for such varied companies as Stella Artoise, Corona, Playtika, Vans, Adidas and Quicksilver. He has also worked closely with a range of different international recording artists making music in rock, hip hop, pop, and more.


What makes Boaz Aquino unique is that he combines his passion for movement, timing and precision derived from his many years as a highly skilled skateboarder, with an uncanny eye for detail and a love of storytelling. His sense of drama, creativity and ability to adapt easily and consistently to any number of media challenges enables him to bring forward content so visual and universal in its appeal, viewers can easily connect with it.

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